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Staying in a house or condo on Maui, O’ahu or the Big Island? Then bring your COSTCO card! There is one on each of these islands, but, not yet on Kaua’i, Molokiai or Lanai.

Traveling Internationally? Be sure your passport is valid for at least 6.0 months past your date of return, that you have made (2) photocopies of the interior front page of your passport – leaving one at home with a trusted family member or friend, and carrying one with you in a secure place.

All destinations – be sure to leave an itinerary at home with family or friends and carry your travel agent’s business card with you.

Guide For the perfect South Pacific Vacation:

The Hawaiian Islands –
The 50th State - is located about 17° above the Equator, just under the Tropic of Cancer. We are the Tropics! Average temperatures range from approximately 65°F - 89°F year ‘round. Rainy season could be considered November – February; do not let that hinder your travel plans. 80°F rain can be tons of fun and sure beats SNOW!

The Hawaiian Islands are on Hawaiian Standard Time (HST) – and are 2.0 hours behind the West Coast & 5.0 hours behind the East Coast during October-April. Between May-September, HST is 3.0 hours behind West Coast & 6.0 hours behind East Coast time.

Hawaii Island Itinerary Maps & Activity Guide -
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Big Island






French Polynesia-
Tahiti and her islands are under the Equator and this side of the International Date Line. French Polynesia shares the same time zone as the Hawaiian Islands – and her seasons are reversed. French Polynesia is considered the Tropics as well.

Fiji Islands & New Zealand-
The Fiji Islands and New Zealand are located under the Equator and across the International Date Line. The easiest way to think about them is that they are 4.0 hours behind the West Coast & 7.0 hours behind the East Coast during October-April. Between May-September, they are 5.0 hours behind West Coast & 8.0 hours behind East Coast time – but it is TOMORROW there. I.e.: 2pm on a Thursday in April on the West Coast of the USA = 10am on Friday morning in April in Fiji or New Zealand.

Fiji is considered the Tropics, and New Zealand will have distinct weather patterns of snow on the Southern Island during their winter (June-December) and more temperate temperatures on the North Island.

New Zealand Travel Information

New Zealand Travel Times
Driving time and distance calculator for traveling in and about New Zealand

Map of New Zealand
Provided by New Zealand Tourism Board.

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