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Bob and Annita
Egypt Vacation

Hi Joni,

prymids of egypt vacationAs usual, your help in setting up our vacation was perfection. Our
Jewels Along the Nile tour to Egypt was fabulous and one of our best
vacations ever. We can honestly say that there was not a single negative
about the trip.

Going to Egypt is not a destination for the first time traveler. Everyone on our tour was a seasoned traveler and the average age was in the fifties to sixties range. The three hotels we stayed at were world class and the three night cruise on the Nile was the highlight of the trip. Egyptians eat pretty much the same foods we eat except for pork with only the seasonings being different. Drinking bottled water was a necessity.

Everywhere we went we had at least one and usually two degreed Egyptologists
with us to explain what we were visiting. We also had security guards with us throughout the trip and we felt completely safe. As a comparison, we felt as safe in Egypt as we would have in Mexico. There are no State Department Warnings in effect
for Egypt. It would be difficult to travel to Egypt and see the sights
on your own.

Vacation to Egypt by Tropical Vacations TravelThis was our first organized tour vacation in forty years
of seeing the world and the tour company ensured that it was flawlessly

The pyramids are an awesome sight and it is hard to take your eyes off them. We could see the pyramids from both of our hotels in Cairo, especially from the Oberoi Mena House which was right next door.

Cairo is an extremely large city with about 20 million inhabitants. The traffic is unbelievable and not somewhere you would want to drive your own car. The people were extremely friendly. Tourism and the Suez canal are the number one
and two major contributors to the economy. The country is wall to wall tourists, most being from Europe since it is so close. As an example, there are three hundred cruise ships on the Nile.

Egypt Vacation planned by Tropical Vacations TravelThe best time to go to Egypt would probably be March and no later than
early April
. It is so crowded in December that it is difficult to see anything even
though this is the coolest time of year. The average temperatures in the first half
of April for us were in the 70s and 80s although we did have one day in
Luxor where it got up to 104. In Luxor we spent one afternoon sailing on the Nile and road a horse drawn carriage through the Luxor bazaar to an evening tour of the beautifully lighted Luxor Temple.

Other highlights of the trip included visiting the Valley of the Kings and King Tut's tomb, the Cairo Museum with all its treasures, the Ramsses II temple in Abu Simbel, the temples of Karnak and Luxor in Luxor, the Step Pyramid in Saqqara and the evening sound and light show at the pyramids in Giza. Of course we had to take the obligatory camel ride as you can see.

We guarantee that this trip is not to be missed and should be near the top of everyone's list of vacation destinations.

Bob and Annita

Justine & Simon
Tahiti & Bora Bora Honeymoon


Just wanted to drop you lines to say thank you and we had a blast.

I have been running around in full mode since we got back. I will get to the photo and comments - and of course I will recommend you to my friends and family
for their future trip!

Have a wonderful day!
Justine & Simon

intercontinental resort tahiti

four seasons resort hualulai
Intercontinental Bora Bora Thalasso

Paul & Stella P.
Maui Hawaii Anniversary Celebration

Hi Joni,

We were sad to leave Maui which means that we had a great time! This means we will return sometime in the future. We were hoping to stop by your office to say hello but we never made it. I’ll tell you more about our trip when I have some time and will send a picture and some words for your website. We have your business cards and will try to send business your way with high recommendations!
Thank you so much for all you did to make our anniversary such a memorable one!

-Paul & Stella P.

Wailea Ekahi Village


Erika and Norman
Honeymoon Vacation


I'm gonna try once more to send honeymoon pictures. I'm just a wee bit technologically challenged. I hope all is well with you. Thank you sooooo much again for your fabulous services. Never have I vacationed so luxuriously, although now I want to travel no other way . We will be contacting you again real soon, as we are now thinking about Australia!

Take care!
Erika and Norman


Catherine and Joel
Hawaii Destination Wedding, Waikiki Hawaii

Hi Joni,

We had an amazing time! Thank you for taking care of us and my family. Waikiki Parc was perfect for them. JW Marriott was awesome. The wedding was beautiful and it even stopped raining for our date. The Hyatt was perfect for Joel’s family, we all got to go hottubbing there. The places we stayed in Maui were great. Hamoa beach bungalow and the baby beach cottage are where we ended up. Both houses were private and beautiful. We are waiting for our pictures to come back from the photographer and I will be more than happy to send them off :) until then!

Warm regards,
Catherine and Joel

Waikiki Parc,
Hyatt Waikiki


Joyce and Joel
Hawaii Wedding Destination Waikiki

Dear Joni,

Once again, thank you for the wonderful arrangements you made for us in
Hawaii, the trip was a smashing success. The bride and groom are absolutely
Say, are you familiar with a restaurant (in Maui, possibly,) that is
built within a tree? I seem to remember such a restaurant during my trip to
Hawaii in l973. Just wondered if it is still in existence.
Take good care, Joni and Happy Thanksgiving.

Warm regards,
Joyce and Joel

Hyatt Regency Waikiki


Hawaii Wedding Destination Waikiki & Maui Honeymoon




Hyatt Regency Waikiki


Jamie & Katie
Tahiti, Bora Bora South Pacific Honeymoon Vacation


Tahiti was wonderful. It does get pricey to do things, but it was beautiful! Thanks for the assistance. Just an FYI for you, next year Ritz is opening there, also Pearl had very nice amenities (both Tahaa and Pearl Beach). Probably favorite experience was the relaxing. Did a bunch of activities and spa, but other than that, it was very relaxing. I was able to wake up at 6 am without an alarm and basically was up and out by 6:15 am. The easiest place to wake up when the sun is up. On cloudy rainy days there, forget it. But thank goodness it only rained the last real day we were there. Thanks again, I'll send pics.

Sincerely, Jamie & Katie

sheraton tahiti
bora bora pearl


Keala & family
Disneyland Universal Studios Family Vacation

Aloha Joni!

Thanks for the welcome home email. We had a FABULOUS vacation trip. Everything went so smooth and had no glitches with anything! The Disneyland part of or trip was wonderful and our kids just loved every minute were there. We have such wonderful memories and got a lot on video and film. It was everything we had hoped it would be. We will never forget it! We were very pleased with the room and service of the hotel and the whole Disney experience. Next time we will shoot for the Grand Hotel or maybe the Concierges level of the Disneyland hotel just to pamper ourselves even more—hee.hee……… Or we may consider the Disney WORLD resort for our next Disney fix. Keep me posted on any special on this or the Disney Cruise may be a consideration as well since I heard some of my in-laws talking about it.

Universal studios were nothing special but so glad we experienced it anyway!

The San Diego part was indescribable wonderful as well ……..lots of family events everyday and weather couldn’t have been better! The last two days were a little stormy but it didn’t’ stop us from doing a road trip up to the mountains to see snow!

Again, thank you for making all our arrangements and the very memorable vacation for me and my family!

Houoli Makahiki Hou! We’ll talk soon

Warmest aloha for now.
Keala & family

disney world  hotel
universal vacation travel


Lauren, Shawn & Aiden S.
Denmark - Palace Hotel Copenhagen

Hi Joni,

Greetings from Denmark! Our time here is almost to an end, but we are having a wonderful time. I canceled our reservation at the Best Western in Vejle, as we are going to stay an extra night in Arhus. Legoland is less than an hour from Arhus and we figured it would be easier to do a day trip from here, rather than dragging our selves and our luggage to another location.

Thanks for all of your help - so far everything has been GREAT!!!

Lauren, Shawn and Aiden S.

Palace Hotel Copenhagen


Jen & Anthony
Fiji & New Zealand Holiday

Thanks Joni.

We actually were in the middle of the rain which was actually kind of fun.
We were drenched on our Lord of the Rings tour in Queenstown and completely
soaking treking to the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers. It makes for a more
exciting trip though. We actually purchased some North Face rain jackets
the first day in Queenstown and I have barely taken it off since. Quite a
good investment.

Thanks again for all of your help. I'm really looking forward to our Fiji
portion. I told Anthony that we have to take advantage of all the
activities available to us at Outrigger. It'll be so much fun!!

Talk to you soon.
Jen & Anthony

outrigger resort fiji


Stacy & Eliverto M
Fiji Getaway – Taveuni Island Getaway to Honeymoon

Bula Joni!

Taveuni Island was absolutely beautiful; the resort was spectacular as well. We had an amazing time! The weather was great, it didn’t rain at all while we there. The food at Taveuni Palms was wonderful as was the food at the villages that we went to. Each day we did a different adventure, we went to Buoma Falls, Lavena Coastal Walk, horseback riding and snorkeling. We tried to fit as many things as we could while there. We loved Taveuni Palms, it was very private and catered to all of our needs. Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect resort, as well as the perfect island in Fiji! We waited a year and a half to finally go and it was worth the wait. I don’t think that we would have found neither the island of Taveuni nor the resort without your help. Thanks for everything!

Vinaka vaka levu
Stacy & Eliverto


Lisa & Brian
Le Palais, Prague

Joni, we would LOVE to!

We just got in, so give us a couple of days, but we love to share our stories and our pictures.
Everything was flawless! We ended up extending our trip in prague... once on purpose and once on accident. That hotel was AMAZING and the most comfortable place I've ever stayed in!
Thanks for all of your hard work. We really really appreciate it. We'll be sure to write a bit when we're feeling a little less groggy:-)

Lisa & Brian

Le Palais, Prague

Judy & Christopher
Kauai. Oahu wedding & honeymoon

Hi Joni,

I sent you one of the albums from Kaua'i. Oahu pictures and official wedding pictures will follow, so you'll have plenty of pictures from us. :)
THANK YOU so much for everything!!!! :) I don't know what I would've done without you. You really took care of our needs, from travel arrangements, to accommodations, and even with our activities. We had a fabulous time in both islands. We're VERY SATISFIED with everything. I will definitely refer you to all of our family and friends. Take care always, Joni. Again, we're very grateful for all your help.

Judy & Christopher

Jamay B
Kauai, Hawaii - Resort Quest Islander

Hi Joni,

We had a lovely time in Kauai. All of the beaches were a bit rough though. We did some great snorkeling at Poipu and swimming. I would say that there wasn’t much beach (actual sand) in front of our hotel. I like to lay out. This probably wasn’t the best beach for it.

All in all though, a great time. Enjoyed North Shore too. Food was excellent. Also I think the best time for me was the Koloa ATV tour.

Thanks for everything.
Jamay B

ResortQuest Islander on the Beach

Myrna McCune
Kauai Vacation

Hi Joni,

Thank you very much for all that you did and to make the changes at the last minute. We had a short, but fun-filled time in Kauai. Dana and his partner are thinking of doing a partners retreat at the Hyatt in the near future and I suggested that he go through you since you might be able to put a nice package together for him. Anyway, we will be in touch if that is what he and his partner decide to do.

Thank you again!
Myrna McCune


Amy & Charles
Maui Grand Wailea - Four Seasons Hualalai

vacation Grand WaileaHi Joni! Thanks so much for the email. Our trip was absolutely wonderful--thank you for all your work--you took care of everything and we appreciate it very much. I will definitely refer my friends to you--you could not have taken better care of us. Hawaii is so beautiful--we enjoyed every minute of our trip. Once we are settled-in, I will write a note and send some pictures. Thanks again for everything.

P.S. Today is tough--we're still on Island time plus I keep waiting for someone to bring me a mai tai! :-)

Amy & Charles

Halekulani Hawaii resort
Four Seasons Hualalai

Bob G. and Family
Tahiti Destination Wedding - Pearl Beach Moorea

Hi Joni!
Thank you for helping out in this matter! We had an absolutely wonderful time in Moorea! The girls and I experienced some very memorable adventures together! The snorkeling was awesome. The water was warm. The facility was very nice. Probably not the most handicap accessible facility, but we managed. We went on a 6 hour boat trip and the 4 hour 4x4 trip through Albert’s. Both were very worth while and memorable! We had very good hosts on both outings. We also rented small scooters to ride around the island! That was a ball as well! Overall, it ranked as one of the most enjoyable and beautiful vacations I have ever been on! The group has already talked about a 5 year reunion! Thanks again for your help. Thanks again for your help in this matter! Sincerely, Bob G.

Pearl Beach Moorea

Jerry/Connie N
Pearl Beach Moorea & Le MaiTai Bora Bora - Tahiti Destination Wedding


Thank You for all of your help! Trip was fantastic! Everything went like it should have. Loved Tahiti, but can’t wait to get back to Maui! Just one note. The Bora Bora hotel was not air conditioned. I would have requested that, if I had known. We had some long hot nights. No screens made it worse, and we got several bug bites. The people were great and so was the resort in general. All other resorts we checked with had AC, and I would have paid extra for that. Overall, it was a great vacation, and we couldn't have done it without you. We are planning on returning to Maui and will call you for some help in a year or two. Thanks Again!

Jerry/Connie N.

Pearl Beach Moorea
Le MaiTai Bora Bora

Chris & Ian R.
Fiji Vacation - Pearl Beach Moorea & Le MaiTai Bora Bora

Hi Joni-

The vacation was great. The wedding could not have been more beautiful, or
the trip more fun. We had a fabulous time and did not want to come home.
The hotel was very nice and they did a great job with Kristi's requests for
the wedding. The only problem I had was with the airline on the way home.
Kristi had my ticket and although they knew I was on the manifest, and what
my ticket number was, they made me pay $50.00 to get a new ticket number to
give me a boarding pass. That was the only bad part of the trip, maybe
there is some better reasoning behind it, but I thought it was kind of

Thank you for all of your help with the preparations, I know Kristi and Eric
are very happy with the way everything turned out....

Chris & Ian R.

Le MaiTai Bora Bora

Seth B.
Tahiti Destination Wedding - Relaxing Tahiti Getaway


Thanks so much for doing a great job organizing what I am sure will be the most memorable vacation of my life. Most importantly, the bride and groom thank you. Everyone found what they were looking for on this trip. From the surfer to the sun worshiper, everyone’s needs were fullfilled in a stress free environment.


Seth B.

Ron and Vicky S.
Fiji - Pearl Beach Moorea

Hi Joni, Thanks so much for the welcome home, I can’t believe we have been home 2 1/2 weeks already! I hit the ground running when I got home and have not stopped! God is blessing my business, and people have jobs because of it! In Michigan right now, that means a lot!
The trip was fabulous and like a dream world! The wedding was so beautiful and Gods Blessing on the whole thing, from the weather to the food to the deep blue sea. Ron and I will never forget it.
Thank you so much for all the work you do to make life a little easier for folks!!
Ron and Vicky S.

Pearl Beach Moorea

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